SBEG Ipswich Driving Day 2019

3rd February 2019
Mount Walker, QLD
Corby Cunnington

South Burnett Equestrian Group
Ipswich Driving Day 3/2/2019
111/113 Stokes Crossing Rd Mt Walker West
All entrants must be EA Competitor or Participant members or SBEG members. All on-carriage support personnel must also be the same. Any stallions must be well-behaved, restrained appropriately, and display their green disc at all times.
Each equine may perform in two dressage tests (either as a single, or a member of a pair or team) and two Cones classes. Each equine may compete with different drivers in different or even the same class. For that matter, drivers may enter the same class more than once (that is, a driver may enter the same equine/s in the same class and do the same test twice or two different tests).
The driver can choose which of the dressage tests they want to drive (Intro, Novice 2, 1A or 2A). The class must be chosen on entry, but there is no obligation to keep the same dressage test or equines entered, until the last day of January. Please email me at cct6327@gmail with your final chosen dressage tests and equine entrants for each class. If I do not get an email, I will assume there are no changes from your entries.
Bore water will be on tap, rain water will be available in a crate on a ute for drinking. A hire toilet will be onsite.
Dressage classes are for Singles, Pairs and Four-in-hands. You may choose your dressage test, either Intro, Novice 2, 1A or 2A. There are no gear requirements beyond safety and horse welfare. Single ponies under 120cm and pairs under 108cm will perform their dressage tests in a 20m x 60m arena. All others will be in a 40m x 100m arena. There are no presentation scores as such, just neat and tidy. No coats, fancy hats, or plaits required or even encouraged. This is a day to reward correct training only.
The dressage judge is Mary Seefried.
Tests can be found at -
Intro - see SBEG Facebook page
Novice - (if you are doing this test in a 20 x 60m arena, leave out movement 10)
FEI 1A -
A -
Cones width will be 170cm for everyone except Four-In-Hands which will be 190cm. You can choose your Cones class based on the speed you want to aim for, either 250m/min, 200m/min, 150m/min or 100m/min. Penalties will be as per FEI Rules (Pg 68 and 69 of the FEI Driving Rules) EXCEPT the first two about presentation. There will be no presentation requirements (except where safety and horse welfare is concerned). Time penalties will be 0.5 penalty per second OVER or UNDER your chosen course time, which will be added to your cones penalties.
Minimum width vehicle for all Cones classes will be 138cm. You may compete HC with any width you like.
There are no exclusions on the type of vehicle you use in any class, except where there is a safety or welfare issue identified by the relevant SBEG appointed officer or the judge. There must be an on-carriage groom for every class EXCEPT 1C, and for single ponies under 120cm in classes 4C and 4D. An on-carriage groom is optional.for these classes.
HELMETS ARE REQUIRED FOR ALL PEOPLE ON CARRIAGES AT ALL TIMES. This is an SBEG rule and there will be no exceptions. Back protectors are encouraged but not compulsory as there are no obstacles at this event. Sun safety is a requirement. The Judge, Horse Welfare Officer and Safety Officer have the final word in any matters pertaining to safety and horse welfare. No discussion will be entered into.
ONLY THE FIRST TWENTY DRESSAGE TEST ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED, so get your entries in early! A draw will be published on the SBEG facebook page and emailed to entrants.

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