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Starting out in Dressage

C166bb Training Advice 2 days ago -   We usually tell people starting out that the aim is to stay on and stay in the arena. Anything else is a bonus!

Overcoming the Past and Looking Forward

5ebfad Health Advice 2 days ago -   In regard to not letting past incidents affect your work going forward..

Eadie McWilliam: Young Endurance Rider Making a Name for Herself

0ead5c Interviews 2 days ago -   At just sixteen, Eadie McWilliam has represented her country on the world stage, all while juggling the normal pressures of teenagehood and schooling...

Meet Ava Peel: Champion of Junior ASHLA at Sydney Royal 2024

574273 Interviews 2 days ago -   Achieving victory in the ASHLA requires considerable dedication, preparation and training. For 16-year-old Ava Peel, that dream became reality...

Jess Kiernan: 2024 PSI Jumping with the Stars 4yo Champion

Ba637f Stories Interviews 2 days ago -   Jess Kiernan recently had great success at the PSI Jumping with the Stars, taking out first and second place in the Jumping 4yo Championship...

Celebrating 50 Years of the NCHA Futurity

7146c0 News Interviews 2 days ago -   “Over the last 50 years, the NCHA Futurity has become the biggest and richest indoor sporting horse event in the Southern Hemisphere.”

Sonic Thunder: From Rodeo to Royal Shows

5741ca Stories Interviews 2 days ago -   Not many Quarter Horses are spotted in the show ring, but Sonic Thunder is a steed that can do it all.

Optimising Everyday Welfare in Horses

972212 Health 2 days ago -   “Help your horses thrive rather than just survive.”

Is Horse Racing Growing Or Shrinking?

0aa705 Sponsored News 6 days ago -   You likely already know horse racing as one of the oldest sports, accompanied by tradition, adrenaline rush, and people’s unity across the globe...

Roc’s Rager: A Barrel Racing Legend

6d2125 Stories 27 days ago -   In a career that encompassed more or less the first decade of the 21st Century, Rocky won $125,000 in prizemoney barrel racing.

Training Obstacles for Stockman’s Challenge

3e5f0a Training 27 days ago - must ensure you have full control of the horse’s whole body to guide them up to and across all obstacles.

Circles and Curves with the Heart Training Exercise

11e402 Training 27 days ago -   As riders, our job is to make the horse as ambidextrous as possible so they use themselves in the most athletically correct and efficient way, whether that be on a straight line, a full circle or a curve

The Rider's Seat: Building Awareness & Finding Connection

86541e Health Training Advice 27 days ago -   Undoubtedly, one of the most talked about aspects of rider position relates to the seat - and for good reason. It largely governs what happens above it, through the torso, and below it, through the legs.

Coopers Brewery and Mike Keogh's Clydesdale Legacy

1b7874 Stories Interviews 29 days ago -   For decades he could be seen every Friday making promotional beer deliveries with the Coopers lorry and Clydesdales around the city of Adelaide...

Knowing When to Call a Vet for Your Pony

Ac23e7 Health Advice 29 days ago -   Recognising the Signs with Catherine Shelley

Endurance Riding: Insights from a Chief Steward

Ea36e5 Stories Advice 29 days ago -   “I never aimed to become an official, but I did recognise that a shortage of volunteers was evident.”

Guy Mclean: Lessons from my Dad

45e834 Stories 29 days ago -   ‘Smile a smile as though it was coming straight from your heart.’

Bookending with Dr Kate Fenner

2b0a94 Training Advice 29 days ago -   Bookending is the very basis of self-carriage, about which a great deal has been written.

Starting Out in the Open Show Ring

98a6b3 Training Advice about 1 month ago -   with Paul Austin

Is there such a thing as being overconfident?

Dfb445 Health Advice about 1 month ago -   We generally focus on the opposite, lacking confidence.

Onya Gunnagetthecash: 2024 Open Derby Winner

3eca44 Interviews about 1 month ago -   with Ashleigh and Warren Backhouse

Meet Rising Equestrian Star Emma Hutchinson

5f66f5 Stories Interviews about 1 month ago -   At only 16 years of age, she is motivated, hardworking and passionate about the sport she competes in.

Luke Bennett's Journey to the Top

3bd6da Stories Interviews about 1 month ago -   Self-reflection has led to some light bulb moments that saw Luke take out one of the biggest prize cheques in the sport of campdrafting at the 2023 Juandah Plains campdraft.

Top 10 Farming Equipment for Small Horse Farms

Ebc541 Sponsored Advice about 1 month ago -   Whether you are managing a hobby farm, equine operation, or a small agricultural venture, having the right equipment can make all the difference.

Trailblazing New Book Release

8216bf Sponsored News about 1 month ago -   Horses Love & Science: the Eight Commitments of I-Thou Horsepersonship

The Gaucho Derby

540ef5 Stories Interviews about 2 months ago -   with Warwick Schiller - “You don’t get the Gaucho Derby you want; you get the Gaucho Derby you need.”

Kate and Heather Kyros on their International Dressage Triumph

B3391a Stories Interviews about 2 months ago -   “I knew it had been such an incredible ride that my eyes were filling up with tears before our final salute.”

A Guide to Fencing a Horse Property

D8bd75 Advice about 2 months ago -   The journey from dream to reality is paved with planning, foresight, and often, a few lessons learned the hard way.

You be the Judge with David Ross

9aa4cd Interviews Advice about 2 months ago -   “My motto as a judge is what you do to one you do to all and never touch what you cannot see.”

Buying a Horse in the Northern Territory

6d4579 Advice about 2 months ago -   Are you considering purchasing a horse in the Northern Territory?
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