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The Art and Discipline of Equestrian Sports

2155cb Sponsored 10 days ago -   Equestrian sports have captivated audiences worldwide, showcasing the remarkable bond between rider and horse. These competitions stretch across a variety of disciplines, each possessing its unique challenges and skills.

Navigating Towing Regulations: A Comprehensive Guide for Horse Float Buyers

D5af4d Stories 11 days ago -   There are always concerns about the complexities of purchasing a horse float. To shed light on this matter, Horse Deals sought advice from Cameron McGann of Mansfield Floats and Trailers. Cameron shares invaluable insights on what every prospective buyer should know about horse floats and towing.

Mastering the Foundations of Stockman’s Challenge: Essential Groundwork Techniques

6aa891 Training 11 days ago -   The foundation of all riding comes from the groundwork you do before you are in the saddle. The horse must understand pressure and release while staying soft, and we, as the rider, want to be able to control the shoulders, rib cage and hindquarters, in all disciplines but especially in stockman’s challenge.

Beginner's Guide to Pony Grooming: Nurturing the Bond with Your Equine Companion

D3de93 Stories Training 11 days ago -   It's not just about making your pony look pretty – grooming is your ticket to forming an unbreakable bond with your furry friend.

How to Catch, Lead & Tie-up: A Beginner's Guide

89d1ff Stories Training 11 days ago -   Learning how to handle ponies well takes a lot of time and practice. Your priority must always be to keep out of harm’s way - safety first.

Milo the Miniature: Dan Steers' Secret Weapon in Equine Entertainment!

3f145b Stories 12 days ago -   Milo, the mighty mini is a true entertainer and a valued member of the Double Dan’s Horsemanship performing team. Horse Deals spoke to Dan Steers to learn more about this small rock star.

1O Steps to Improve the Skin and Coat of your Horse

Cab211 Health 13 days ago -  

Caring for Your Pony: A Beginner's Guide

1ba25e Stories Health 13 days ago -   Now that your new pony has arrived home and settled into his new surroundings, it’s time for the fun to begin.

Amira’s Journey: From Rescue to Recovery at RSPCA Victoria

9ec927 Stories 13 days ago -   Her story, while sadly not unique, shines a light on the stirring examples of hope, patience and resilience that defines the work of RSPCA Victoria.

Legendary Equestrian: Graham Amos - Australia’s Father of Cutting

Effb0b Stories 13 days ago -   Graham Amos has spent the past sixty-odd years working on being a cowboy and, along the way, has picked up a number of accolades for his efforts.

Your First Pony: Essential Tips for New Owners to Start Right

80a5a0 Stories 16 days ago -   Starting out can be a very daunting experience. You must be realistic about your ability and experience with horses, as they require a great deal of responsibility and daily love and attention; but owning a horse is very rewarding. Horses are great teachers if you are willing to listen and learn.

Training Strategies for Off-the-Track Thoroughbreds: Preparing for Your First Competition

8d2e87 Stories Training 17 days ago -   So you have had your first few rides and are starting to get to know your new off-the-track Thoroughbred and you want to consider getting out and about and setting some competition goals.

Transitioning Off-the-Track Thoroughbreds: Effective Strategies for Bringing Them Back Into Work

513b8a Stories Training 17 days ago -   These first rides are a tiny part of a much bigger plan, so lay the best foundation that you can. Patience and consistency are paramount, and be prepared that some areas may take longer than you anticipated.

Starting Strong: The Initial Phase of Off-The-Track Thoroughbred Transition

E24b41 Stories Training 17 days ago -   Thoroughbreds coming directly from racing generally require a period to “let down” or spell. This is what humans would see as a holiday, a time to rest and recover for the body and mind.

Insights from an Australian Stock Horse Judge: Expert Perspectives and Judging Criteria with Adam Wellington

0d6617 Stories Training 17 days ago -   “The difficulty lies in the tough decisions that need to be made in literally seconds.”

Jess and Jimmy Barrelling into New Adventures Beyond the Track

D234be Stories Sponsored 24 days ago -   When the Covid lockdowns were enforced in Victoria, young Jess Barraclough found herself looking for ways to pass the time after her schoolwork was finished for the day. A ‘project horse’ seemed to offer a great distraction.

How to Steer, Brake, and Accelerate: A Beginner's Guide

221710 Training 24 days ago -   Riding your pony with control and harmony is a beautiful and rewarding experience, but it comes with the responsibility of understanding and mastering the essential aids of communication between you and your pony.

Paul Austin’s top tips to help your horse get into show mode

3b52e9 Health Sponsored 24 days ago -   Show world supremo Paul Austin knows that the secret to success in any equestrian discipline in having healthy, happy horses.

Quarter Markers: What to Use & Why

20875a Stories 24 days ago -   with Michael Glenn and Simon De Leeuw of SJM Equine

How to Feed 2 and 3-Year-Old Growing Horses

06d460 Health 24 days ago -   with Larissa Bilston (BAgrSc – Hons 1), Animal Nutritionist, Farmalogic

Juniors Light up Sydney Royal

News 25 days ago -   An exciting four days of Jumping reached its conclusion on Monday, when the Junior Grand Prix was held at the Sydney Royal Easter Show...

April Issue - On Sale Now

Ad5971 News 25 days ago -   Get into your local newsagent or saddlery to pick up a copy of the April Horse Deals...

Australia's Greatest Horsewoman 2024

59bbe1 Sponsored News 25 days ago -   17th-21st April 2024 - Come along and cheer on these wonderful cowgirls as they give it all they can!

Aussie Olympic equestrian medallist determined to ride at Paris 2024 after breaking bones in horror fall from horse

News 26 days ago -   An Australian Olympic equestrian medallist has vowed to get back on the horse for the Olympic Games in Paris after a horror fall left him in the ICU.

Interview with Eventing Young Rider Teagan Christie

75b67d Stories 26 days ago -   Overcoming hurdles with her horse Digby, Teagan’s sheer determination, passion and skill have allowed her to reach heights she never thought were possible. Teagan shares her journey with Horse Deals.

Could probiotics be the key to boosting horse health?

4f1856 Health Sponsored 26 days ago -   There’s a whole community of microbiota naturally living in your horse’s gut. This gastrointestinal microbiota is made up of bacteria, yeast, protozoa, and fungi. Not only is it essential for maintaining animal health, it’s also crucial to performance.

Eventing for Beginners: Expert Advice for Getting Started in Eventing

F1f263 Stories Training 27 days ago -   Horse Deals asked the 2008 Beijing Team Silver Medallist, 1996 and 2003 Eventing Rider of the Year, and the 2018 WA Equine Athlete of the Year, Sonja Johnson, to give us a leg up on a burgeoning eventing career.

Australian Friesian Grand Prix Horse Django of Cacharel Passed Away

News 27 days ago -   Django of Cacharel, an Australian based international Grand Prix stallion who retired from sport in 2016, has passed away...

The FEI Tribunal issues Final Decision in case involving a Prohibited Substance

News 27 days ago -   The FEI Tribunal has issued its Final Decision in a case involving a Prohibited Substance.

Play it again Sam! Overton and Oaks Cassanova win again

News 28 days ago -   The second leg of the 2024 Australian FEI World Cup season was held this afternoon at the Werribee Park National Equestrian Centre ...
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