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Working & Winning - Tylen Gibb

5c6043 Stories 1 day ago -   Barrel Racer & Teacher’s Aide - “I get all school holidays off, so it’s great when rodeos fall on the holidays.”

The Scoop - Kerry Turner

971ab2 Stories 1 day ago -   “I’ve thought about being the second lady to win the cup for a long time.”

Exciting Start to Commercial Bank CHI AL SHAQAB Presented by Longines 2021

B214bb News 2 days ago -   Commercial Bank CHI AL SHAQAB Presented by Longines 2021...

Summer Horse Health Problems part 1

92c625 Health 2 days ago -   with Dr. Rachel O’Higgins BVMS MRCVS FROM Kilmore Equine Clinic.

Improving Reproductive Efficiency in the Wet Mare

0ea69e Health 2 days ago -   So the scary part is over. You have successfully delivered your long-awaited foal and it’s a cracker! Your beautiful and courageous mare has delivered exactly what you wanted and now you want to relive the experience all over again. How can you ensure your mare is in the best condition to get back in foal? Nutritionist Dr Nerida Richards and Veterinary Reproduction Specialist Dr Jen Clulow discuss how to maximise reproductive efficiency in your broodmare whilst also supporting a foal.

Finding Your Perfect Unicorn with Tanja Mitton

Edc8fb Health 2 days ago -   “Make sure you ask the right questions in the beginning and you let the seller tell you all about the horse.”

Keeping the horse in front of the leg

8250c1 Training 2 days ago -   with Robbie and David McKinnon - Part 2

Horse’s Tale - DJM Donna Elena

90f5b4 Stories 2 days ago -   with Maree Tomkinson

Equine Transformation - A Regal Affair and Emma Cox

9bb44b Stories 2 days ago -   Our Equine Transformation series shows what a little bit of hard work, persistence, determination and vision can achieve...

A Parent’s View with Rachael Schliebs

384b72 Stories 2 days ago -   “Horses are not cheap, full stop! But I wouldn’t change anything...”

Young Rider with Kate Kyros

55e2e2 Stories 2 days ago -   "You learn to ride by riding, and you learn to compete by competing"

At Home with Kim Campbell

C353d3 Stories 2 days ago -   “I have also had many highlight moments at home without an audience. These are the moments that motivate and inspire me.”

Working & Winning with Prof. Brad Frankum OAM

E4b2f5 Stories 2 days ago -   Showjumper, Executive Clinical Director and Clinical Immunologist and Allergy Specialist

The Scoop with Shane Sainsbury

A6ff63 Stories 2 days ago -   “Being calm and consistent, day in day out, is something I have learnt gets results.”

A Complete History of EEI and the Kentucky Three-Day Event

News 2 days ago -   A number of posts and comments that have appeared on Facebook relative...

Jim Johnson dies at 92

News 2 days ago -   Australian Racing Hall of Fame jockey Jim Johnson has died at the age of 92.

Edwina Top-Alexander joins other International stars for 2021 LGCT Season Kick-Off

News 2 days ago -   Show jumping’s premier horses and riders have arrived in Qatar’s...

Buckle Up: Riding with Shorter or Longer Stirrups? Or Uneven Ones?

News 2 days ago -   Shorter or longer stirrups? Well it depends.

Horse’s Tale - The Glebe Dixie Chick with Serena Barber

4c4a15 Stories 3 days ago -   “When you feed her she will bite her feeder and flip it upside down.”

Equine Transformation - Mission From God with Maddy Hansen

Dbaf45 Stories 3 days ago -   Our Equine Transformation series shows what a little bit of hard work, persistence, determination and vision can achieve...

A Parent’s View From The Sidelines With Shelley Lalor

Ab8fb9 Stories 3 days ago -   Behind every child rider, there is a parent who supports their child’s chosen discipline. Any sport a child is involved in takes a commitment in time and money to realise the child’s dream. Add horses into the equation and the commitment in time and money doubles! So who are the parents behind the child rider? What are their thoughts on the benefits and life lessons that horses and riding provide to their child? In this new series, you will find out about the parent’s view from behind the scenes and at the sidelines.

Five Minutes with Jett Newman

Eb77d9 Stories 3 days ago -   "I hope that one day I will be able to ride at the highest level of dressage."

Five Minutes with Charlie Richardson

6e9bdb Stories 3 days ago -   “Due to being at boarding school in Sydney it is very hard to get much riding in.”

Shaun the Shetland Making People Smile

Ed2377 Stories 3 days ago -   “One lady burst into tears as she thought she would never get the opportunity to pat a horse again.”

The Trip: Perth to Sydney with Georgia Lowry

Dbf363 Stories 3 days ago -   Driving more than 8,000 kilometres in eight long days — across the Nullarbor, Perth to Sydney and return — with my two ponies in a float and my mum and dad? What was I thinking?...

PRE • ANDALUSIAN • LUSITANO • A Brief Explanation

01b34c Stories 3 days ago -  

Pelling Hangs Up His Reins in Spain

06d656 Stories 3 days ago -   Anthony Pelling has returned to Theodore in Central Queensland. After fifteen years at a stud in Spain, he has decided to come home - and become an electrician.

Chasing The Dream with Rachel Lyon

00bcac Stories 3 days ago -   What is it like to pack your bags and travel overseas to work with some of the world’s best riders?

Chasing the Dream with Jake Hunter

Babb85 Stories 3 days ago -   What is it like to pack your bags and travel overseas to work with some of the world’s best riders?

Tribute To A Champion - CP Qualified

2d8b79 Stories 3 days ago -   “He really exceeded all my expectations and was selected for the WEG in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016.”
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