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Starting Out in the Open Show Ring

98a6b3 Training Advice about 9 hours ago -   with Paul Austin

Is there such a thing as being overconfident?

Dfb445 Health Advice about 10 hours ago -   We generally focus on the opposite, lacking confidence.

Meet Onya Gunnagetthecash: 2024 Open Derby Winner

3eca44 Interviews about 10 hours ago -   with Ashleigh and Warren Backhouse

Meet Rising Equestrian Star Emma Hutchinson

5f66f5 Stories Interviews 1 day ago -   At only 16 years of age, she is motivated, hardworking and passionate about the sport she competes in.

Luke Bennett's Journey to the Top

3bd6da Stories Interviews 2 days ago -   Self-reflection has led to some light bulb moments that saw Luke take out one of the biggest prize cheques in the sport of campdrafting at the 2023 Juandah Plains campdraft.

Top 10 Farming Equipment for Small Horse Farms

Ebc541 Sponsored Advice 8 days ago -   Whether you are managing a hobby farm, equine operation, or a small agricultural venture, having the right equipment can make all the difference.

Trailblazing New Book Release

8216bf Sponsored News 9 days ago -   Horses Love & Science: the Eight Commitments of I-Thou Horsepersonship

The Gaucho Derby

540ef5 Stories Interviews 15 days ago -   with Warwick Schiller - “You don’t get the Gaucho Derby you want; you get the Gaucho Derby you need.”

Kate and Heather Kyros on their International Dressage Triumph

B3391a Stories Interviews 16 days ago -   “I knew it had been such an incredible ride that my eyes were filling up with tears before our final salute.”

A Guide to Fencing a Horse Property

D8bd75 Advice 16 days ago -   The journey from dream to reality is paved with planning, foresight, and often, a few lessons learned the hard way.

You be the Judge with David Ross

9aa4cd Interviews Advice 22 days ago -   “My motto as a judge is what you do to one you do to all and never touch what you cannot see.”

Buying a Horse in the Northern Territory

6d4579 Advice 22 days ago -   Are you considering purchasing a horse in the Northern Territory?

Buying a Horse in Western Australia

D33f60 Advice 22 days ago -   Are you thinking about buying a horse in Western Australia?

Buying a Horse in Tasmania

6c3b41 Advice 22 days ago -   Are you thinking of buying a horse in Tasmania?

Buying a Horse in Queensland

E975f4 Advice 22 days ago -   Are you considering buying a horse in Queensland?

Buying a Horse in South Australia

6d61ac Advice 22 days ago -   Are you considering purchasing a horse in South Australia?

Buying a Horse in Victoria

8808c8 Advice 22 days ago -   Are you thinking about purchasing a horse in Victoria?

Buying a Horse in New South Wales

D0c261 Advice 22 days ago -   Are you thinking about purchasing a horse in New South Wales?

Buying a Horse in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

20e5da Advice 23 days ago -   Are you contemplating purchasing a horse in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT)?

How to Remove a Loose Horse Shoe

546cbb Health Advice 23 days ago -   Carefully check there has been no nail penetration of the sole as this is a serious problem.

Tips To Save Time Around The Stables

53e8a0 Advice 24 days ago -   In today's fast-paced world, time is a precious commodity.

How to Manage Your Pony's Shedding Coat

Adc61a Health Advice 24 days ago -   This natural process can make them quite itchy, leading them to rub and scratch against trees or their shelter.

Towing a Horse Float Safely & Legally

208a56 Advice 24 days ago -   When it comes to towing a horse float safely and legally, understanding the best practices and legal requirements is essential.

How to Set Up a Safe Paddock for Your Horses

552d10 Advice 24 days ago -   Setting up a horse safe paddock is essential for the well-being and health of your equine companions.

Preventing Joint & Tendon Injuries in Horses

8bbc86 Health Advice 25 days ago -   Manage the type of training and the workload you ask for based on the surface your horse is working on.

How to Saddle a Horse

D28090 Advice 25 days ago -   How much thought do you put into saddling up for a ride? This preparation time, when done right, can be used to observe for anomalies, put your horse’s comfort first and therefore set you up for the best ride possible.

How to Manage a Hot Horse

7a1fd6 Advice 25 days ago -   Like humans, there are some super relaxed horses, and horses that live on the edge with the flight response simmering under the surface.

You be the Judge with Larry Cutler

D4dee0 Stories Interviews 25 days ago -   See how Larry has placed these three Thoroughbreds based on their conformation.

Where to Buy a Horse

E3b83f Advice 25 days ago -   In this guide, we will explore where to buy a horse, what to look for in a potential horse purchase, and key considerations to keep in mind.

Learn How to Bandage Horse's Leg Wounds in 10 Easy Steps

C4f8fe Health 26 days ago -   Mastering the art of bandaging leg wounds is part of every horse owner’s repertoire; therefore, it is only a matter of time before you will need the skills to do it.
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