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Tasmania's Primary Industries Department reprimanded over response to polo pony death information request

News about 14 hours ago -   Tasmania's Ombudsman has criticised the Department of Primary Industries...

Badminton 2019 entries revealed: the defending champion, world medallists and first-timers

News about 14 hours ago -   Jonelle Price and Classic Moet will return to defend their title...

Eventers “Practice Perfection” with Nelson Pessoa at Lier CSI2*

News about 14 hours ago -   The wrath of the Belgium weather with its strong winds and torrential rain...

Further EA Committee Appointments Announced for 2019/2020

News about 14 hours ago -   Following the recent National Discipline Committee elections..

Former galloper finds his calling as clerk of the course horse

News 1 day ago -   Last year 20-year-old Remi Gray became the first female clerk of the course...

'It's a dream': The woman who rides both Winx and The Autumn Sun

News 1 day ago -   Karen Koolman has something that Hugh Bowman and Kerrin McEvoy would love to have...

Tight results at the final Dressage leg in 's-Hertogenbosch | FEI Dressage World Cup™

Video 1 day ago -   It was a tight competition at the final leg of the FEI Dressage World Cup™

Rescued colt found 'bludgeoned' to death in vicious attack *warning: very graphic image*

News 1 day ago -   A rescue horse has been found “bludgeoned” to death in a vicious attack...

Leibowitz is invincible at the Canberra Horse trails CCN-s2*.

3da58f News 1 day ago -   National Capital Horse Trials Association ran a great weekend..

"From Adversity Comes Strength"

6d2b92 News 3 days ago -   A wrap up of some of the great memories at this year's Australian Stock Horse National Show.

Gold Coast Dressage Association Scholarship Program Promises Adult Amateur and Pro Riders a Leg Up

D9e35c News 3 days ago -   The Coral Anniversary year of the Gold Coast Dressage Association is sure to go down...

State-of-the-Art Arena Company naming rights sponsor for international dressage event

78c329 News 3 days ago -   Australia's premium equestrian surface supplier...

International Results for Australian riders competing from 11th - 17th March 2019

F5bbc5 News 3 days ago -   International Results for Australian Riders...

Carl Hester & Nip Tuck Win Keysoe CDI3* Grand Prix Freestyle in 2nd Comeback Victory

News 3 days ago -   Carl Hester and Nip Tuck made it two wins in two starts...

Denmark's Bachmann Andersen wins dramatic last leg in Den Bosch

85e156 News 3 days ago -   Denmark’s Daniel Bachmann Andersen (28) threw down the performance of a lifetime...

FEI Tribunal issues final decisions on two controlled medication cases at Tryon 2018

News 3 days ago -   The FEI Tribunal has issued its Final Decisions on the two Controlled Medication cases..

US track bans race-day drugs, whips after 22nd horse death

News 6 days ago -   Los Angeles: Santa Anita Park suffered a 22nd horse fatality since December 22..

Driver caught on camera skidding past horse at speed gets ‘advice’ from police

News 6 days ago -   A driver caught on camera skidding past a rider at an “extraordinarily” high speed..

Tinney leads world-class equestrian field at Canberra horse trials

News 6 days ago -   Olympic gold medallist Stuart Tinney is part of a world-class field..

Coach Of The Month: Gail Simms

News 6 days ago -   Gail Simms is an EA Level 2 General Coach and an EA Coach Educator...

What To Do When You Can't Catch Your Horse... And It's Not Funny Anymore

News 7 days ago -   At a horse trials last year a new student of mine turned her horse out..

The evolution of Australian Stock Horse and its many changing faces in a modern world

News 7 days ago -   From early European settlement to the military and from mustering cattle...

Competition ban for rider who hit his horse with a bottle

News 7 days ago -   An endurance rider who used a bottle to “aggressively” beat his slowing horse...

Events at Ocala and Warsaw bring qualifying season to a close

104291 News 7 days ago -   Defending series champion, America’s Beezie Madden, finished top...

Janina Kletke Severely Injured in Horse Rescue Operation

News 7 days ago -   Australian based German dressage rider Janina Kletke sustained a severe head injury...

"JUMP 4 JANINA CLINIC" this Saturday 16th March 2019 -Please help us!

A9aa08 News 7 days ago -   In the early hours of Monday March 4th, dressage professional Janina Kletke responded to a phone call asking if she could rescue 4 horses with her truck from a nearby burnt out property in Garfield North Victoria.

Nicole Bruggemann shines during magic weekend at Mallala

News 7 days ago -   The Mallala Showjumping Club in South Australia held their annual March show last weekend.

Baileys of Greta Hunter Campdraft Cup "Invitational"

3e4660 News 8 days ago -   Baileys of Greta Hunter Campdraft Cup "Invitational"

Owner’s warning after horse’s tail ‘hacked off’ in deliberate act

News 8 days ago -   he owner of a horse whose tail was “hacked off” has warned others to be aware of and report suspicious activity.

Miami Animal Import Center & Santa Anita Race Track in Los Angeles to partially reopen after deaths of Horses

News 8 days ago -   Operations will begin to return to normal Monday at Miami Animal Import Center and Santa Anita racetrack in Los Angeles that are 2,700 miles/4,400km apart but where the deaths of a total of 25 horses in less than three months remain apparently totally unrelated mysteries.
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