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10 must haves for competition with Jamie Winning

Photo: Allira Fontana Photograpy

Photo: Allira Fontana Photograpy

1 - My Antares and Altair saddles. If I forget these, I may as well not ride. I’ve tried other saddles and they’re just not the same.

2 - I like to have multiple bridle options. The new range of Antares bridles offer various headpieces, nosebands and rein options, and although I generally ride in a simple and regular nose band, I have a small quirk about knowing I have options, in case I want to change. This normally comes in handy when friends want to borrow something, because I generally have it to lend.

3 - Going with the theme of options, I always travel with at least three Kingsland Jackets in the cupboard - in case one gets dirty of course, but also, sometimes it’s fun to match an outfit with your horse, or even your horse’s outfit (saddlecloth and ears). Kingsland always have matching horse and rider products, so why not play around with it?

4 - I also use the Kingsland stable boots, bandage pads and bandages to travel my horses, and in the box at night when they stay at a show. I also use the Kingsland work bandages, for flat work with my horses, at the show.

5 - Kingsland Ring Bag: must have spare spurs inside, spare reins, towel, boot buffer, spare bridle numbers, spare elastic bands and it’s important there is sugar in the side pocket, for when we come out of the ring. Whoever is holding the ring bag knows to meet the horse at the gate with sugar! Also a cap. So if I get off at the ring, and take my helmet off, I have a cap to put on. My helmet hair can be quite offensive!

6 - Over time, I have accumulated a large collection of bits and spurs. Although I probably don’t use them all, I like to have them with me, just in case.

7 - Grooming box: We try to have everything we need in the grooming box, and it is re-stocked before every show - brushes, sprays, talcum powder, scissors, bridle numbers, safety pins, shoe polish kit, hoof grease with brush and cover, mouth grease. Most importantly, lots of sugar!

8 - Ice Boots: Self explanatory... As well as Clay and a Hoof Pack. This is generally with a small medical supply: Animalintex, elasto-plast, vet wrap, iodine spray. As well as a few of my favourite products from Savvy Touch (New Zealand based). My favourite Savvy touch products are the Anti-Friction Balm, Mud Balm, Skin Smoothie and Ezy Breathe. I even had a large order delivered to Europe during our few years living overseas.

9 - Lola’s Lick-its: My horse, ‘Zarissa’ (Lola), is obsessed with Lick-its. I also give the other horses one, so they don’t feel left out, but I pack Lola about 5 refills to their 1 for the show.

10 - My Lucky Pin - My grandma gave me a small, pink woven doll on a safety pin. I put it in my pocket of my jacket, I’m afraid if i pin it on, I’ll lose it.

Story from Horse Deals Magazine January 2017

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