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26 ‘frightened and vulnerable’ horses intercepted during attempt to ‘smuggle’ some out of the UK

A load of 26 “frightened and vulnerable” horses including some believed to be destined for slaughter in Europe have been intercepted in Kent.

An overloaded transporter was stopped at Dover with 26 equines on board, of whom only 19 had the necessary paperwork for the journey. Many had health issues, making them unfit to travel, and at least one pony was infected with equine influenza.

The horses were abandoned at a Kent holding yard when authorities discovered that they were being smuggled out of the UK, and have been rescued by World Horse Welfare.

“We applaud the authorities for taking action in this case and stopping the vehicle, but far too often these lorries cross borders unchecked,” said World Horse Welfare chief executive Roly Owers.

“From our initial investigations, the horses were allegedly travelling from the Republic of Ireland to France, using Britain as a land-bridge. But they are all British-born horses, some bought from sales in England shortly before supposedly being ‘imported’ back into the country.

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Article written by: Lucy Elder

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