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A High-Pressure, High-Speed Life (Just The Way She Likes It): Stabling With Liz Halliday-Sharp

You don’t have to be a philosophy major to have heard of the ancient Chinese concept of dualism, or yin and yang. The basic theory that all seemingly contradictory forces may actually be complementary and intersected extends to all aspects of life: light and dark, fire and water, winter and summer. And, to even the most casual observer, it’s a concept that’s present in almost every facet of American eventer Liz Halliday-Sharp’s career.

Take, for instance, her seasonal, winter lodgings at Horsepower Equestrian — her Stateside homebase for the last six years. Tucked away in the heart of Ocala, the sprawling 110-acre facility is a slice of quintessential Northern Florida. The mornings here are misty and crisp, the afternoons bright and sun-baked. Small egrets prowl ponds and waterways in search of quarry, while Spanish moss trail moodily from the surrounding trees, blanketing the landscape in a kind of silver luminescence.

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Article written by: Nina Fedrizzi

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