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Could probiotics be the key to boosting horse health?

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There’s a whole community of microbiota naturally living in your horse’s gut. This gastrointestinal microbiota is made up of bacteria, yeast, protozoa, and fungi.

Not only is it essential for maintaining animal health, it’s also crucial to performance.

But a shift in the balance of microbiota can lead to disease and ill health. This shift can result from a change in diet or exposure to harmful toxins, such as those found in chemical fertilisers and herbicides, even heavy metals found in soil. These, along with other pathogens, can result in conditions such as acute colitis, equine grass sickness, and laminitis.

Using probiotics stimulates immunity and supports animal wellbeing.
Probiotics are a way of changing intestinal microbiota. Often described as ‘live microorganisms’, probiotics have been used to improve an animal’s overall health and performance.

They work by stimulating the production of active antimicrobial compounds that effectively target harmful intestinal pathogens. They also stimulate general immunity and build resistance to disease-causing bacteria.
By improving the gut environment, probiotics also help improve the absorption of nutrients.

New multi-strain formula proves effective.
Biolink 4 Plants & Animals, an Australian company with a reputation for making highly effective microbial-based soil stimulants and natural fertilisers, has now launched a probiotic supplement for horses.

“It’s clear from the research that the prevalence of gastric ulcers in racing thoroughbred and standard bred horses is quite high. It’s commonly quoted as affecting between 55 and 90%. This is a real concern for all horse owners.” explains co-owner Kevin Beecroft.

“Our work with horse and livestock owners led us to develop an affordable yet highly effective probiotic formula to support animal gut health.”

“Opti-Gut uses powerful, high-strength multi-strain microbials to replenish animal gut flora and improve nutrient absorption.”

How is Opti-Gut different from other nutritional supplements?
According to Kevin, “There are plenty of other probiotic supplements on the market. But Opti-Gut is different.”

“Opti-Gut is a multi-ingredient formulation containing humic and fulvic acids, live microbials, and activated zeolite. These ingredients work to stabilise the intestinal flora and improve feed efficiency. Opti-Gut also helps optimises the pH in the animal’s body to neutralise harmful free radicals.”

Opti-Gut is an affordable, safe and versatile nutritional supplement available in palatable pellet form. Add 40 to 60g daily to your horse feed to start seeing the benefits of better gut health.

What we’re hearing about how Opti-Gut works in the field.
Kelley Walker, owner of Performance Horse Therapies also tried Opti-Gut on her own horse who was suffering with glandular ulcers:

“I am totally and utterly blown away. No sign of ulcers, the walls are clean with no scarring visible. The scope even went out to the other side of the pylorus to look. The entire length of her gastro-intestinal region is totally clean. The only thing I’ve changed is feeding this probiotic.”

Horse owner and breeder Anneke Sterk gives her eight horses a daily dose of Opti-Gut: “Opti-Gut has got everything I need to support their gut health – and it’s so affordable. I recently moved, which can be quite stressful on the horses - but they all coped well. Because you don’t know when a horse is going to be stressed, it’s simply not worth taking them off it. ”

OPTI-GUT for Horses is a natural probiotic for optimum equine health.
Opti-Gut Probiotic for Horses is one of a range of products based on powerful, biological stimuli that are effective, safe to use, and good for the environment. Opti-Gut is available in 1.5kg, 2.5kg, and 4.8kg sachets, 15kg bucket, and 20kg bags

Biolink 4 Plants is committed to helping Australian farmers and horse-owners and breeders develop more sustainable, profitable enterprises.

Visit Biolink 4 Plants & Animals to find out more.

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