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May Issue - On Sale NOW!

Whether it's buying a new horse or just seeing who is selling, the May issue has loads to read, including:

Equestrian Mothers: Leslie Moore, Tamara Lee, Brooke Campbell & Megan Jones
Working and Winning: Carolyn Peters
Training Exercises with Maryanne Gough
It Doesn't Always Go To Plan with Matthew Dowley and Rodney Martin
Health & Wellbeing - Caterpillars & Abortions
Young Rider Profile: Mary Warren
10 Must Haves: Georgia Hope
Extreme Transformation: Magnus Exsulto
The Scoop: Sammi Birch
Dream Rig: Brett Parbery's Truck
Tribute to a Champion: Barnetts Venus
Health & fitness, horse matters, gallery coverage, plus heaps more...

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