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Nana Glen Equestrian Centre Hosts State Pony Club Championships

NANA Glen Sport, Recreation and Equestrian Centre will welcome up to 150 riders thanks to the successful application by Coffs Harbour Pony Club (CHPC) to host the NSW Pony Club State One Day Event and Combined Training Championships.

CHPC is a member of the Zone 9 Pony Club and the Pony Club Association of NSW.

“The Coffs Harbour Pony Club along with other Zone 9 members are honoured to be able to host this event right here at the Nana Glen Sport, Recreation and Equestrian Centre in Morrows Road on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 November, with teams arriving on Friday 17,” Zone 9 Chief instructor Alice Rehwinkel told News Of The Area.

“This event gives our local up-and-coming and dedicated Pony Club members the opportunity to showcase their riding ability in a hometown event.

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Article written by: By Andrea FERRARI

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