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April Issue - On Sale Now

Whether it's buying a new horse or just seeing who is selling, the April issue has loads to read, including:

• Keeping up with the Kyros'

• Horse's Tale: Onya Gunnagetthecash

• What's it Like to have a lesson with Charlotte Dujarding?

• Equestrian Legend: Mike Keogh

• The Gaucho Derby with Warwick Schiller

• Guy McLean : Lessons from my Dad

• Starting out in the Open Show Ring: with Paul Austin

• Bookending: with Dr Kate Fenner

• Signature Property: Five Palms Racing & Equestrian Services

• Tribute to a Champion: Roc's Ranger

• Your First Pony: Knowing When to Call A Veterinarian for Your Pony

• Equine Gut Health: with Kentucky Equine Research

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