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Show Jumping Team Fuchs Secures New Ride for Simone Pearce

Team Fuchs, the horse investment group behind former European show jumping champion Martin Fuchs and Israeli sponsor Ilan Ferder, has invested in its first dressage horse to support Australian Olympian Simone Pearce.

The team has purchased Kenzo in Belgium as first "dressage" investment.

Team Fuchs

Since 2023 Martin Fuchs and Simone Pearce have been a couple and the two have now decided to work more closely together professionally. In a social media statement they announced:

"We are very excited to announce the acquistion of our first dressage horse," said Martin Fuchs. "We are very lucky to have Simone Pearce, one of the best dressage riders in the world, who can bring out the full potential of horses. Whilst the goal is to have the same quality of sport and sales horses as we do in jumping, our aim is to also support Simone in moving into the Top 10 and achieve Championship podiums."

Ilan Ferder, who is based in Wellington, FL, where he competes and deals horses with Tal Milstein, stated, “Simone is incredibly talented and has proven many times that she is one of the best riders. I’m enthusiastic about this project and believe it can open new doors for everyone involved."

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