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Horse Breeding: Where small enterprises can make a difference

Horse SA is hosting what could be the only horse breeding seminar of its type currently available in Australia. Blending horse breeding veterinary talks with information on legal contracts:- all up to date information applicable for those interested in
horse breeding at any scale, and for horse studbook registrars, this is an event worth taking a closer look at.

“For too long we have been talking about smaller enterprises as ‘backyard breeders’ to our industry’s detriment’ said Julie Fiedler, Executive Officer for Horse SA. ‘Worldwide, many sports and show horses are bred at micro-studs of just three to ten
mares’. Aiming to raise standards through education, and to put people in touch with experts in horse breeding technologies, Horse SA invites all current and future horse breeders to consider updating their knowledge and to network.

Guest speakers include Dr Kirsty Gallacher who is based at the based at the University of Adelaide Equine Health and Performance Centre, who will discuss breeding difficult mares and tests available. Dr Greg Rodda, from Meadows Veterinary
Centre, the veterinarian and client working as a team to ensure best outcomes for a breeder’s investment in Artificial Insemination (AI) breeding services.

Also presenting is Dr Jason Andrews from Adelaide Hills Veterinary Services, with his talk titled ‘Call the Midwife!’ about foaling down mares yourself, and when to call for help, a presentation which is complimented by Dr Ruth Taylor discussing
foal health.

The day will start with Solicitor Michael MacKinnon from Victoria, who will talk about the different types of contract arrangements breeders may need to consider, and rounded off with Mrs Jane Evans, who will discuss the role of the internationally
recognised Unique Equine Life Numbers.

Small enterprises are the way of the future, and can be professional or amateur, yet with good breeding knowledge and well managed horses and land, the quality of stock is as good as any in the marketplace.

An update on the requirements for the import of horses and genetic materials into Europe will also be provided, along with raising awareness about the current Australian Government Inquiry into a National Horse Traceability Register.

The Horse Breeding Seminar is backing onto a horse agistment seminar, scheduled for the night before, also in Hahndorf. With many horse breeders agisting stock, taking in both events could be of interest to many property and stud managers.

Tickets start at $33 and are available from Horse SA at or online at Trybooking

Further enquiries to Julie Fiedler Mob. 0402488306 or email

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