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'I Didn’t Know How Much It Meant To Be A Para Rider - Until I Became One'

On a Tuesday afternoon, Amelia White was driving back from university to her parents’ home in Tallwood, a small town in New South Wales. It was, by all accounts, a normal afternoon. Her university was close by and she was nearly home, about 10 minutes away. The wintertime sun hung low above the trees, and she was mentally strategizing about her horse’s warm up routine for an upcoming horse trials as she cruised along. She turned the steering wheel for a sharp left turn – one that she always took her time to make.

“Just before I was around the corner, I could see the front of a car closing in on me. My eyes focused in on the front grill of the car speeding towards me. There was this split second when I realized this oncoming car was completely on my side of the road.

“And that was it. I had nowhere to go.”

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