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MEDIA RELEASE - Aerial slaughter of the Heritage Singleton Army Base Brumbies

The Australian Brumby Alliance along with many hardworking people and locals near the Singleton Army Base have worked hard to secure a humane outcome for the Singleton Army Base Brumbies.

The Australian Brumby Alliance engaged Victorian Lawyers Ocean Legal in an attempt to avert the cull and to negotiate a mutually agreeable plan for removal of the Brumbies from the Singleton Base. Principal Solicitor Marilyn Nuske, also a member of Animal Justice Party, was in regular contact with Senator Fawcett’s office and Solicitors recently instructed by the Department of Defence requesting that the aerial cull be postponed so that Senator Fawcett could consider a proposal put forward by Australian Brumby Alliance on 18th December to remove the horses.

A detailed proposal with a final timeline for removal was put forward on 19 December at 12 noon, it offered a kind, humane, timely and reasonable manner of dealing with the Brumbies and one that excluded a cruel and inhumane aerial cull from moving helicopters.

Senator Fawcett’s Advisor, Mike Banham gave a written communication to Ocean Legal on behalf of Senator Fawcett in reply to our communication of 18 December, at 6pm 18 December 2018 undertaking that Senator Fawcett “would consider the proposal with a reply before close of business 19 December 2018”

In the meantime, Helicopters arrived at Singleton Army Base at about 1pm on 19 December despite the written communication given by Advisor Mike Banham on behalf of Senator Fawcett at 6pm on 18 December, and two firm proposals including a date to remove the Brumbies.

Much to our surprise and shock the cull went ahead.

We were deeply saddened to hear this and concerned for the Heritage Singleton Brumbies.

We are equally angry about the failure of Melissa Price Minister for the Environment to give any advice about a Part 9 Application for the cull which was raised with her by email on 17 December 2018, and with her Solicitors again yesterday. We are angry with Senator Fawcett and his Advisor Mike Banham, and Christopher Pyne the Minister for Defence who failed to intervene to prevent this regrettable and cruel massacre of Heritage Australian Brumbies from moving helicopters.

We believe there is no reason to have aerially culled these Brumbies when a firm proposal to remove them within 14 days had been offered. We shall do whatever we can to render support to alleviate the pain and suffering of any surviving Brumbies and to assist in any way possible to ensure any remaining Brumbies are removed from harm at Singleton Army Base.

Marilyn Nuske - Solicitor - Ocean Legal
19th December 2018
Member Animal Justice Party - Tel: 0400 784 754

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