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Wet Weather Doesn't Dampen Endurance Ride

Over 150 riders took to the Imbil State Forest at Stirling’s Crossing Equestrian Complex this weekend participating in multiple rides, including the 160km ride which was the last opportunity in Queensland to qualify for the prestigious 2019 Tom Quilty Gold Cup.

Matthew Sample, owner of the equestrian complex, said the event was a great success and provided a good opportunity for the team to test their plans for the Tom Quilty which will be held at the complex in July this year.

“Riders aged from 11 to 73 years of age entered the four events offered and an overall completion rate of 71 per cent was a great achievement given the weather conditions and a track made more challenging due to the weather,” Mr Sample said.

“The 160km event resulted in 15 additional riders qualifying to enter the 2019 Tom Quilty Gold Cup which is expected to attract over 350 riders to the complex.”

Stirling’s Crossing Endurance Club President Kim Moir said the feedback had been very positive from riders who took to the tracks.

“The rain that fell in the area over the two weeks prior to this event, caused us to review the course offered this weekend,” Ms Moir said.

“The first two legs of the 160km and 120km, and the total course for the 80km ride were close to what will be offered at the 2019 Tom Quilty Gold Cup which is a 160km ride. We were very happy with the number of entries and the completion rates. From 186 nominations, 137 horses and riders completed their events, giving an overall completions rate of 71 per cent. That is great given the conditions. ”

“16 riders completed the 160 km ride and for 15 of those, this meant qualification for the 2019 Tom Quilty Gold Cup. This included five junior riders who have now qualified to enter the 160km ride which will set off at midnight on 12 July with 24 hours to complete.

“We think this Tom Quilty may well be the biggest ride hosted in the 54-year history of the event. This will be the first time the Tom Quilty is hosted in Imbil and we expect to have riders travelling from all corners of Australia, and overseas, to compete.”

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Supplied by Stirling's Crossing Endurance & Equestrian Australia

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