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Wherever Life Takes Us, Barn Friends Are Forever

My childhood was far from ideal or peaceful, but it was punctuated (and, likely, saved) by the years spent growing up at the barn. More importantly, my childhood was defined by the core group of girls — the original #barnsquad — with whom I shared my teenage years.

The majority of equestrians can relate. A motley crew of kids, ranging in age from pre-teen to high school, roaming the barn aisles. Grabbing ponies out of their stalls for impromptu bareback rides, scheduling massive group lessons with our ever-so-patient trainer, ordering pizza and staying at the barn way past closing time, gathering for sleepovers at a rotating roster of houses — a few memories of growing up with my squad. I should probably send a thank you card to all of our parents for putting up with us for so long.

Many of us weren’t serious competitors. A handful of the girls showed in the children and junior hunters. Most of us just loved to ride. We weren’t a show team. We didn’t travel to medal finals or A-rated shows together. We just existed in this peaceful bubble where we could be weird horse girls without judgement. It was the perfect place to grow up.

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Article written by: Sally Spickard

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