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Why I Ditched My Jockey: Bodexpress’s Quest For Fame In His Own Words

I’m just a young man and I’m pretty new to this whole ‘Triple Crown’ thing, but it’s been weird so far, right?

The older horses back at the breeding farm didn’t tell me it would be this dramatic. I mean, the fastest horse won the Kentucky Derby just like those gamblers hoped he would, but he was disqualified for swerving like a drunkard. I guess that’s a literal and metaphorical lesson to #stayinyourlane.

The animal rights folks were out in full force on Twitter after that race, but I can assure you that no memes or hashtags were any match for the hot goss we discussed back in the barns over bedtime hay. Sure, I finished a respectable 14th in my first ever Kentucky Derby, but Country House’s win by default really got me thinking...

How can I be remembered forever?

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Article written by: Kate Kosnoff

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