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From A Near-Death Injury To A Winning International Debut: An Equine Lesson In Perseverance

If you have been around horses for long enough the likelihood is that you have experienced the devastation of having an injured horse, and the resulting news can be difficult to comprehend. But how do you move forward? Persevere, retire the horse, or succumb to the unthinkable? Whichever you choose you will almost certainly think you have made the wrong decision at some point.

When British eventing horse, First Lancer, walked off the lorry to begin his rehab following a near fatal out-of-the-blue field accident, there was a moment of disbelief for the Craggs family, the owners of the promising gelding. Following a three-month stay in two of the best equine hospitals in the U.K. “Tokyo,” was still dramatically lame. For the Craggs, this was the moment when they questioned his future in the sport. Could he make it back? Their answer: persevere and keep trying.

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Article written by: Sophie Harris

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