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I’m Dougie Douglas, The Horse With The Best Name In Show Jumping

I’m Dougie Douglas, the horse with the best name in all of international show jumping. Or maybe I’m the horse with the best name in all of international horse sport, period. Not to brag or anything, but have you seen my liver chestnut coat? It’s so glossy, I bet the astronauts manning the International Space Station can see their reflections in my dapples. My eyes are a deep, velvety, chocolate brown and hold the answers to all of life’s mysteries. And, with a name like mine, I could have a successful career in the music industry if I ever choose to. We shall see.

Back to me. I’m a 14-year-old Irish Sport Horse gelding raised by leprechauns and rainbows, and although I ride for the Stars and Stripes these days, I still get to return to the European countryside every summer with my partner-in-crime, Katie Dinan. In fact, you caught me just in time: we’re getting ready to hop the pond and head to Switzerland for the warmer months so Mom can train with her coach, Beat Mändli.

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Article written by: Kate Kosnoff

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