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'It Was The Worst Experience I’ve Had With Horses': Karl Cook Reflects On A Terrifying Accident

Every time we swing a leg over the saddle we know — in the deep corners of our minds — that things can go very wrong at any given moment. Yet in a daily act of bravery for the sport we love and trust in the horses who act as our teammates, we push those thoughts aside and press on. With that, the bonds we form with our horses grow deeper.

When it does go wrong — an inevitable reality of our sport — it’s easy to retreat into a silent world of shame and embarrassment, especially if there’s a horse injury involved, and attempt to work through those emotions alone. But in an enormous act of vulnerability and openness, American show jumper Karl Cook spoke candidly about a horrific accident that took place while he was riding at the Upperville Colt & Horse Show in Upperville, Virginia, this past weekend. Before you read on, please know that both Karl and the horse involved escaped largely unharmed..

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Article written by: Caroline Culbertson

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