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June Issue - On Sale Now

Whether it's buying a new horse or just seeing who is selling, the June issue has loads to read, including:

• ASHLA & Stockman's Turnout Classes: with Kyra O'Brien & Phillipa Muhm

• Mane, Tail an Feather Care: with Cat Ryan

• Going the Distance: - Part Three - with Jodie Potter

• Equestrian Legend: Tim Peel

• What is it Like..: To win your Dream Event

• I'll Meet You in the Middle: with Guy McLean

• One in a Million: Burren-Dah Ninja

• Persisting with Transitions: with Zoe Vorenas

• Signature Property: Elmdale Park

• Tribute to a Champion: Chris Burton's Deo Juvante

• Melanoma: with Dr Paula Williams

• Dream Rig: Margaret's Legacy

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