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Little Mare, Big Dreams: Félicie Bertrand And Sultane Des Ibis Are Turning Heads

They say age is just a number, but that depends on whom you ask. From ball players to celebrities to tech start-up giants, society, on the whole, loves the wunderkind. The fresh-faced ingénue, the high school phenom that goes straight to the pros, the 20-something Silicon Valley billionaire — it’s a tired story, to this writer’s mind, and all too often, it misses the more interesting tale.

It’s the tale of the ceaseless grind, the callouses, the falls, the rainy days, the disappointments, and overcoming all to finally earn your moment in the sun. At age 36, France’s Félicie Bertrand is still a young athlete in show jumping terms (a recent JumpFax poll revealed that 36 is, in fact, the average age of all winners of Rolex Major events since 2013). But for Félicie, it’s a pursuit that’s encompassed the whole of her lifetime.

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Article written by: Nina Fedrizzi

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