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Most of World’s Leading Dressage Riders Petition FEI to Keep Top Hat for High Level Senior International Competitions

A petition signed by 150 of the world’s leading dressage riders has asked the International Equestrian Federation to give senior riders the option of wearing top hats at the highest levels of the sport, reversing a decision to outlaw the traditional headwear from Jan. 1, 2021.

The petition was sent to the FEI for the governing body’s general assembly to be held online next month.

Signatories on the petition are a who’s who of dressage top sport in about 20 nations and include several who routinely wear protective head gear in competitions.

The petition reads:

“The top international dressage riders would like to make a formal demand to the FEI to keep the option to use the top hat in international competitions for Seniors.

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Article written by: KENNETH J. BRADDICK

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