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Riding For Sri Lanka, Mathilda Karlsson Is Breaking Down Barriers On Her Way To Achieving The Olympic Dream

Take a look at the starting orders of international equestrian events from around the world. Honing in, no matter the discipline, there’s a long list of riders from equestrian-dominant countries such as Germany, USA, France, and the Netherlands — the ‘usual suspects’ so to speak. But have you ever heard of a show jumper from Sri Lanka? You have now. Meet Mathilda Karlsson.

Mathilda was born in Sri Lanka and adopted by a Swedish family at three months old. Recently, she was inspired to switch her nationality back to Sri Lanka and ride under the flag of her home country. She’s on a mission to be the first Sri Lankan show jumper to compete at the Olympic Games.

A consistent rider on the Longines Global Champions Tour and current member of the Global Champions League (GCL) team, the Hamburg Giants, Mathilda is jumping at the opportunity to make a name for herself in the sport and make her home country proud.

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Article written by: Lizzy Youngling

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