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The Event of a Lifetime: Your Juicy Great Big Guide to the Competitors in Badminton’s 2022 Revival

It’s a curious feeling, isn’t it? In some ways, it feels like decades since we last stepped foot onto the hallowed grounds of the Badminton estate, all aflutter with pre-competition butterflies and brimming with the excitement of knowing that just about any story could unfold over the next few days. On the other hand, it also feels like just yesterday; like this long, painful, endless pandemic hasn’t torn us away from some of the best parts of our sport. It’s a bit like a homecoming, but you hadn’t really left home, you’d just been locked in the back garden for two years. (Actually, I think that’s classed as animal abuse in most states, so maybe not.)

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*Article written by: Tilly Berendt *

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