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Tokyo Olympics 2021: Equestrian Simone Pearce had a dream as a 3-year-old and it came true

Aged 3, Simone Pearce began telling people she was going to the Olympics. The former model fought back from a horror accident to finally fulfil her dream in Tokyo.

Simone Pearce has a favourite story about her passion for horses and her unorthodox journey to her first Olympics.

It’s a story that starts with her deciding, at the age of three, that she would compete at the Games, and become a young entrepreneur at the age of six to fund her dream.

Her journey saw her pursue a modelling career in Europe and fight back from a horror accident in which she was crushed under a falling horse.

“No one really knows me, no one really knows my backstory. It’s not the usual one,” Pearce said.

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Article written by: Amanda Lulham and Brianna Travers

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