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Tom McDermott shines in AQUIS Silver Tour Final

The headline class on the penultimate day of the Aquis Champions Tour was the Kolora Lodge Silver Tour Final. Earlier in the show, two qualifying class were conducted with the combined finishing rankings added to work out the top 30 combinations who were invited into today’s final. There was $28,000 prize money on offer for this class, so the competition was red hot.

The arena crew were busy during the early stages of this class with the first eleven combinations taking at least one rail. The first clear round was recorded by last year’s Gold Tour Champion, Merrick Ubank, this time in combination with Warrego Landadon. However, by the end of the first round, ten of the combinations went clear and these ten formed the field for the jump-off. The fastest of these clear rounds was recorded by yesterday’s second qualifier winning combination, Katie Laurie and Cera Caruso.

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