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Top Combinations Excel at Ariat Sydney 3DE

2022 Ariat Sydney Shane Rose and ‘Easy Turn’ in the CCI4*-L . Photo Credit: Jo Jennings / Sydney 3DE

2022 Ariat Sydney Shane Rose and ‘Easy Turn’ in the CCI4*-L . Photo Credit: Jo Jennings / Sydney 3DE

Horsley Park turned on another stunner for the Ariat Sydney International Three Day Event. Day 2 featured the important cross country phase testing the bravery and skill of our horse and rider combinations. As Wayne Roycroft previous Australian coach and Olympian explained during the official course walk “watch the horses ears go forward when they lock onto the fence, at this (4) level they know their job and the good riders let them get on with it and make it look easy” Despite the challenging conditions before the event, Bates Saddles CCI4L course designer, Stuart Tinney commented “the grounds have come up really well today, I want to congratulate the team on a fantastic job. They had such a short window to prepare with the weather and I really want to acknowledge them.”

On the thinking behind the design, Stuart mentioned that “during COVID a lot of horses have not had lots of time at big competitions and fitness has been difficult with the weather. However there has been lots of quality training happening at home, so I’m aiming today to still challenge with technical questions but reduce hills and distance as much as possible.”

Stuart considered the Bates Saddles jump combination in the main arena to be a good test of horse and riders. He was correct with the Bates Saddles A/B/C causing a few challenges and some exciting viewing. In the Equestrian NSW CCI4* S the Kohnke’s Own Squirrel drop followed by the ENSW brush arrowheads proved to be a more difficult question for some. The Kohnke’s Own CCI3L and Ceva CCI3S rode smoothly for the most part, with a few interesting challenges posed by designer Chris Ross.

Rider Shenae Lowing reflected on the tracks “all the courses were built really well, I especially enjoyed the change in the 3* designs. Finishing in the main arena was pretty special” In the Bates Saddles CCI 4*- L the leader board saw a shake up with Sam Woods on ‘Cage Fighter’ moving up from seventh in the dressage to lead the competition on 43.8 penalties. Shane Rose on ‘Be My Daisy’ and Gordon Bishop on ‘Advantage Hill’ made up second and third respectively. The overnight dressage leader Shenae Lowings on ‘Bold Venture’ had one refusal to move to fourth.

The Equestrian NSW CCI 4* - S was hotly contested, with time penalties being a key determinant in the placings. Shane Rose on ‘Virgil’ showcased a masterclass round to move into first position. Samuel Jeffree on ‘Woodmount Lolita’ has moved into second spot, followed by Shane Rose on ‘Easy Turn’.

Kohnke’s Own CCI 3* - L continues to be led by overnight dressage leader Shenae Lowings on ‘Dotti’. Olivia Barton riding ‘Hollyander HG’ and Shane Rose riding ‘Matrixx’ have climbed up the leader board into second and third.

The Ceva Equine CCI 3*- S leader board was heavily defended, with Emma Bishop riding ‘Cassilis Park Figaro’ and Oliver Barrett riding ‘Sandhills Special’ remaining in their respective positions of first and second. Emma Mason riding ‘Werrego Marco Polo’ has risen into third.

The 4Cyte CCI 2* - L is led by Samuel Jeffree riding ‘Santoro’ with Jess Somerfield on ‘HB Zara’ continuing to lead the 4Cyte CCI 2* - L.

The Ceva Grass Roots Teams Championships, a new format to recognise strongest combinations in the 1* through to EVA 60 is being led by ‘Bit Chompers’. This team has a combined penalty score of 78.8 and comprises Catherine Baxter, Amelia Dart, Annabelle Stott-Despoja and Rosie Thomson.

The Ariat Sydney 3DE is held at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre, Horsley Park from May 6 to 8, 2022. Entry is free.

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