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Try This At Home: Two Jumping Exercises From Missy Clark

We’ve all been in this scenario: You come around the corner to the jump, hoping to see a good distance, but it just isn’t there. Maybe you accidentally cut your turn, or your canter has gotten a bit flat, or you simply cannot recognize how many strides are left between you and the fence. This moment can feel stressful, but rest assured that all riders have felt it many times.

The “perfect distance” might seem elusive, and it’s not going to appear every time no matter how seasoned you are, but you can improve your eye to see a distance more consistently. Additionally, when the distance doesn’t appear, it’s important to have the tools to get to the jump safely without derailing your course, confidence, and concentration. This is all possible with consistency and practice - and a good bit of self-forgiveness, too.

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*Article written by: Editorial Staff *

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