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VCC Emergency Bushfire Veterinary Treatment Fund

The Veterinary Clinical Centre at Charles Sturt University is a specialist veterinary hospital for horses, livestock and other large animals. We are currently receiving enquiries as to how people can assist us in the treatment of hospitalised animals impacted by the current bushfire crisis in southern Australia.

The best way to help is via a cash donation to our hospital. This allows us to purchase the best medications, intravenous fluids and bandages relevant to burns and injuries sustained during bush fires.

Our veterinarians are specialists in internal medicine, surgery, radiology and reproduction. They are supported by our veterinary students and a dedicated team of veterinary nurses, animal attendants and reception staff. The hospital is also lucky to have volunteers giving up their valuable time currently.

We will endeavour to keep everyone updated as to how our bushfire survivors are faring and we thank you for all the support through this most devastating of times for our animals.

Please click here to donate. :)

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